Our Development Roadmap

📅 Q3 • July '23 → Sept '23
Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Ability to send out EDMs to members and subscribers within Wave with pre-defined templates. Beautiful. Simple. Easy.

Ticketing v2.0

An improved integration with our event ticketing technology (SafeTicket) with the ability to seamlessly generate events within Wave.

Member's Dashboard

Ability for member to login to their very own dashboard and update their profile independently.

Community Listing

Enables the generation of a directory of members and their respective business.

Integrated Homepage

A self-managed homepage as part of our Wave ecosystem so that you can have your own website without hassle or complicated IT management.

📅 Q4 • Oct '23 → Dec '23
Direct Debit Facility

Offer your members the ability to setup a direct debit payment for easier recurring membership payments with minimal processing fees.

SMS Facility

Improve your engagement and cutthru through with SMS marketing. Broadcast events, membership reminders and personalise your voice to their device.

Xero integration

Taking the integration to the next level. Wave will start feeding account data directly into your Xero account for better reconciliations and less time checking payments.

Seamless engagement with boundless possibilities Membership management. With a side of awesome.

A refreshing new take on the traditional member relationship management –

Simple Subscription

Our pricing is a flat fee of $261.25/mo (plus gst). That's it. No hidden fees or weird business.

Easy to Start

Let us handle the migration for you. Simply give us your data and we will handle the setup to save you the hassle.

Data Assurity

Being Queenslander locals, you have the assurance that our solution meets all state and national data privacy and handling.

What makes us different
time is precious & we value yours.

We don't want you searching and searching for the right info, so our focus is to have it in front of you with ease and with an inviting user interface and experience. Your time and ease of use matters to us.

technology can be overwhelming.

We're not here to overrun you with endless tools that serve little to no purpose (it's a common piece of feedback we hear about other platforms). You'll have the right tools at your disposal so you can focus on growing your community, powering your committee forward and gaining more members.

collaboration is key.

Once you sign up, you're now a partner of Wave. And as a partner, we ensure you to have a say in the future of Wave and what we improve next.

Legends that partner with us We understand that finding the right CRM system is a crucial decision for any organisation. That's why we proudly showcase who we work with so you can have faith.

we've served a total members of 6,381
provided local economic benefit of $2.43M
and counting...!


Automated Payments & Xero Integration

Your Treasurer will love this! Members can now signup or renew and pay immediately via credit card. We don't hit you with any additional fees so you get 100% of the funds*. Plus, Wave also integrates with Xero to streamline payment reconciliation and give you a clearer understanding of who's paid what and when - no more missed members.

*Standard Stripe processing fee applies. No fee for direct deposit/bank transfers. Wave can be integrated with your Xero account to help reconcile payments and transactions so what you see in Wave is most up to date all the time. No more missed renewals, oh yeah.

Integrated EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)

Let's bring your EDMs into Wave and enhance the data you have access to to best understand your members and cater to them. Get rid of external services and separate data. Wave comes with our own, easy to use, electronic direct mail system for all of your campaigns and ongoing engagement.

Member Directory & Community Listing

Members have the ability to self manager their membership, access past tax receipts and create their own Community Listing, publicly accessible to all and exclusive to members only. You're proud of your members, let's get them visible and winning more work!

Events at the Ready

With event ticketing right inside Wave, you can eliminate the need for external ticketing solutions and keep all data and transactions in one place! Plus, added ability to unlock graphic design help and marketing campaigns, our goal is to fill your event every single time.

See our development roadmap

Partnership Benefits Wave has been specifically designed for membership organisations, including chamber of commerce, industry bodies and associations. With our founders, Nathan & Sandy, past and current involvement within several of these organisations, our approach prioritises data management and tools that you need to leverage data effectively, while maintaining robust security and privacy.

Local talents

Our Queensland based team are all locals. Nothing outsourced or offshored here.

Working with you

You are our partners. Tell us what you need, and what makes your committee run better.

Actually care

We live it as well. Nathan and Sandy have a collective 20+ years being on committees and boards who are ideal users of Wave.

Pricing Flat. Just like how we love pancakes.


Thank you for supporting us! We'll set you up with an annual direct debit and 12 months is yours!

$261.25 /mo. (minimum 12 months)
→ Call Us
What's included
Assistance with migration
Unlimited members
Email and SMS campaign+
Local tech support
Feature requests

+ Fair usage rule applies. Refer to our T&C for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who are you guys?

I'm Nathan and he's Sandy 👋 . We met via the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce in 2018 and immediately hit it off at a whisky tasting the chamber had put on. I recruited Sandy for his technician skills and knowledge to help with our own chambers hassles and we grew from there.

2020 came along and as a chamber, Sandy and I created our first piece of tech, SafeVisit. The first and only community built and backed digital contact tracing platform. This led to SafeTicket as a digital event ticketing solution, and then a few more cool things. Nagging us was the challenge we had both faced and then learnt was faced by many chambers: member management, data management, membership retention and then succession of technology for member organisations.

Wave was a passion of ours in the background and then the opportunity came along (maybe not at exactly the right time) to go hard. We launched, we're growing, we're building and we reckon you'll enjoy it! So that's us and why we are here!

Do you offer integration with 'X' software?

Yes we can. Tell us what you want integrated and if it isn't already there or not on our development timeline, we can discuss when and how we'd tackle this with you.

Drop us a DM and we will see what we can do to assist you!

Help, I'm not very technical!

Fret not! That is exactly why we are here. Our team will be at the ready to assist you with all the technical difficulties, from data migration, onboarding and any day-to-day hassle.
We are not just another CRM, we are your technical wiz sidekick!

Robin to you Batman. Holy Toledo! WHAM! POW!

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! We have our own private data storage provisioned through Amazon Web Service (AWS) based in Sydney. All of the data we capture is stored sovereignly in Australia only, and given that we are a local company, are bound to the Australian Privacy Act.

So no funny business here. Except for dad jokes and emojis 🙄

We have an existing website / we need a website?

Wave has the ability to work in with your existing website with minimal fuss, or, we can help create the website you need and want.